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AIPPI Morning Panel Session: Law of Raw Data

13 September 2022 in San Francisco

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Wolters Kluwer is hosting a live panel session ‘Law of Raw Data’ as part of the 2022 AIPPI World Congress in San Francisco. We invite participants to join our free event which includes breakfast.

Data, in its raw or unstructured form, has become an important and valuable economic asset, and protection of raw data has become a crucial subject for the intellectual property community.  

Leading experts in the field will provide their view on: 

  • Emerging data economy law; 
  • Draft EU Data Act; 
  • Current state of data law globally. 

Date: Tuesday 13 September 2022
Time: 7:30-8:30 am, including breakfast
Location: Salon 13-14, San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel

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NOTE: Limited seats are available for this event
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Jan Bernd Nordemann

Partner at NORDEMANN Berlin, German IP lawyer; Co-editor of AIPPI Law Series - Law of Raw Data.
Panel speakers

Elisa Huusko

Licensed Legal Counsel, Partner at Berggren Oy, Finland; Contributor in AIPPI Law Series - Law of Raw Data.

Brian Gray

Barrister and Solicitor at Brian Gray Law

Jonathan Osha

Founding Partner, Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton LLP
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