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Wolters Kluwer Seamless Integration Solutions

Delivering multiple seamless integration solutions that will enable users to access deep domain expertise quicker and provide actionable content for a more efficient workflow. 

Wolters Kluwer’s enhancements enabling greater use and distribution of its information:

  • *NEW Treatise Search Solution: This solution provides access to Wolters Kluwer Treatise content through a REST-based API framework that allows firms to embed Cheetah’s native research experience within their intranet site resulting in seamless access to expert information from within their own environment and includes an “out of the box” search interface to serve as a reference for implementation by the firm’s IT team.

  • Expansion and Simplification of Single Sign-On with Seamless Authentication: This capability makes it possible for law firm users to access Wolters Kluwer content, tools and research sites securely without being prompted to enter their credentials via custom links designed to automatically authenticate users based on the firm’s internal directory.

  • Establishment of Permanent Links: Permanent links to Reporters, primary source content, Treatise titles (including targeted chapters or sub-chapters) plus Practical Content can all be obtained from multiple sources (including directly from the Cheetah platform) and stay consistent even when the underlying content is updated, making them an ideal low-maintenance solution for posting on SharePoint practice and other firm intranet pages.

  • Expansion of Widgets: Wolters Kluwer now offers more than 850 customizable Title and Practice Tool Widgets that provide seamless access to specific content via a simple turn-key integration solution, including Treatises, Reporters, or Practice Tools (such as multi-jurisdiction Smart Charts) that can be easily embedded on a firm’s SharePoint practice or other intranet site. Additional information about Wolters Kluwer widgets can be found here.

  • Fast-Access-by-Citation Feature:  This solution provides users a simple tool to efficiently find and print or download targeted primary source content and forms directly from their SharePoint practice or other intranet site without being prompted for any credentials. 
The new features allow users to access deep domain expertise more quickly and easily to provide actionable content and a more efficient workflow
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