Creating Equitable Access in Law Schools:
How Southern University Law Center Is Leading the Way

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM EST 

Due to the many financial demands of law school, many law students wait until several weeks into their classes to purchase their textbooks and other materials for class. Starting the semester a month behind on reading makes it very difficult to catch up and puts its students at a distinct disadvantage, leading to increases in drop-out rates and other negative impacts on learning outcomes. Under the leadership of Chancellor John Pierre, Southern University Law Center (SULC) has been innovative in their approach to overcoming these inequities while embracing the learning benefits of technology. Since 2019, the school has purchased ebooks and learning technologies on behalf of the students in advance of the semester at a discount. This program has leveled the playing field for its students and had positive impacts on outcomes. In this webinar, Chancellor John Pierre will describe:
  • The challenges law students were facing that led them to implement the institutional purchase program
  • What their program included, such as digital and loose-leaf textbooks from a variety of publishers, iPads, formative assessment solutions, and more
  • How the school funded the program 
  • Lessons learned about introducing the digital resources to students and faculty and making the program part of the school culture
  • The impact the programs have had at the school and with the students
Featured Speakers
John Pierre,
Southern University Law Center
Suzy Coit,
Senior Field Sales Manager
Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory

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