VitalLaw: What you need to know

Effective Monday, November 1, 2021, Cheetah was rebranded as VitalLaw™! Still powered by Wolters Kluwer’s world-class analysis, our rebranded research platform will continue to give you the depth you need for the actionable insights you want. With this rebranding, we are introducing two new domains, and

Complimentary to this rebrand launch will be a publicly available VitalLaw™ site, At you will find top stories of the day, curated daily news across various practice areas, valuable content on emerging topics and select primary source. Subscribers can easily log in from this site using the Log In button at the top of the screen taking them to their premium subscription experience at

With the launch of VitalLaw, Wolters Kluwer will be expanding its primary source content by more than 40% to provide more comprehensive support for legal professionals to gain actionable insights and enable a streamlined workflow at the point of need.

Users visiting the new site post-launch for the first time may be required to enter their credentials. However, most users with established cookies should not have to re-authenticate. If a password is forgotten, there is a link to easily reset it via email.

Upon successful log in, customers will be greeted with a welcome message, only once, explaining the changes. There are two options: follow the link in the message to explore the new site or stay in their subscription by clicking ‘Got it!’ or the ‘X’ in the top right corner.

If the User follows the link, or goes directly to, they will be directed to the new site, greeted with a different welcome message and prompted to ‘Explore’ the site.

When customers are ready to access their subscription, they will simply click on the Log In button at the top right of the page.

If the customer has an active session, they will be directed to the home page without interruption. It will look and operate the same with only a few minor changes to the colors and rebranded name.

While the name and URL address for the site changed, the navigation is still familiar and all links, search history, and favorites remain intact.

Scope of Changes

  • Cheetah domains will automatically redirect to new VitalLaw™ domains for approximately one year from 10/30/21 until 10/29/2022. 
  • After 10/29/22, end Users will need to use the new or domain. 

Recommendations to replace URLs

All previously saved and bookmarked links will work as expected and be routed appropriately to There is no immediate maintenance needed on these links.
If you have included URLs on things like a library page, new associate paperwork, etc. the details below provide a timeline on when and what to replace with.   

  • URLs that start with will need to be replaced by 10/29/2022 as they will stop working at that time.
  • URLs that start with, will need to replaced by 10/29/2022 as they will stop working at that time.
  • For URLs that start with, no changes are needed.  


Permalinks are stable links created using the ‘Link Creator’ feature built into our platform and links from our MARC Records Title & URL Report. These links have a different structure than a browser bookmark that starts with and are designed to permanently redirect without requiring customer updates. Permalinks start with

Premalinks: Copy Link Feature  

For links created using the “Copy Link” feature, no changes are necessary as these links will continue to work indefinitely. Customers do not need to change these links, including if the word Cheetah displays at the end. Permalinks start with

Premalinks: Marc Records Title and URL Report

No changes are necessary for links created with the MARC Records Title & URL report feature, as these links will continue to work indefinitely. Customers do not need to change these links, including if the word Cheetah displays at the end. Permalinks start with

MARC Records Catalog Updates

Note to Librarians: You can begin updating your catalogs from MARC Records on November 1, 2021, so your records reflect the new brand name VitalLaw.


Federated SSO

1. For customers who use a Federated SSO access link for authentication, those links will continue to work and redirect Users to the new domain.

2. These links will redirect until 10/29/2022. In the meantime, please work with your Customer Success Manager to get a new Federated SSO link.

DRM Tools, i.e., OKTA, Open Athens, Research Monitor, Onelog, OneLogin

Our login page functionality is not changing, so no changes should be needed for DRM tools

Proxy Servers Using EZProxy and III WAM

When we redirect from to between the hours of 12:00am, and 2:00am CT on November 1, 2021 if you use III WAM proxy for authentication, you will not be able to reach until the proxy server is updated from to

As such, customers will have to add the new domains to the "forwarding table" of their proxy server targeting the new domain:
WAM iii Proxy
EZ Proxy

Customers will need to update/replace their Cheetah Stanza configuration with a similar configuration targeting the new domain.

When we redirect from to users at universities that use EZ Proxy for authentication will not be able to reach until the university EZ Proxy server is updated with the following change:


Whitelisting a new domain should not be needed. Email address domains will not change. Dailies, Newsletters, Reset Password, Welcome emails, etc will still come from <xxxxx>