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EU competition law before the Court – a conversation with Judge Nils Wahl


As a result of reasons beyond our respective control Wolters Kluwer and Van Bael & Bellis are sorry to inform you that the live expert conversation with Judge Nils Wahl in Brussels on 16 February is cancelled.

Nils Wahl

Judge at the Court of Justice
Born 1961 in Stockholm (Sweden), Nils Wahl obtained from Stockholms Universitet (University of Stockholm, Sweden) the title of Juris kandidat (LL.M.) in 1987 and a doctorate in law in 1995. From 1995, he started a primarily academic career in which he became an Associate Professor (docent) and a holder of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Law and, subsequently, a Professor of European Law in 2001 at Stockholms Universitet.

From 1993 to 2004, Mr Wahl was Managing Director of an educational foundation. From 2001 to 2006, he was also Chairman of the Swedish association Nätverket för europarättslig forskning (Swedish Network for European Legal Research) and became a member of the Rådet för konkurrensfrågor (Council for Competition Law Matters, Sweden).

In 2006, Mr Wahl was appointed as a Judge at the General Court of the European Union. He served in that capacity until 2012 and subsequently joined the Court of Justice as an Advocate General, a post which he held for seven years. Since 2019, he has been a Judge at the Court of Justice

Andreas Reindl

Partner at Van Bael & Bellis
Andreas Reindl is a highly experienced competition lawyer who has worked on a wide variety of competition law matters for nearly thirty years. A member of Van Bael & Bellis’ exceptional EU and UK competition team, Andreas has worked with international clients in the digital, energy, transport, financial and other sectors, advising on the full range of EU competition law issues.
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