Proving the Return on Investment (ROI) of Legal Technology
Important factors that can influence the ROI of legal technology and how to calculate it

Legal technology is becoming the backbone of many legal departments.

According to Wolters Kluwer 2022 Future Ready Lawyer Report, 91% of corporate legal departments say it will be important over the next three years to have a law firm that fully leverages technology.

Whether you’re adopting new technology or considering a change to your existing platform, how can you prove and get buy-in for your technology request?

Legisway’s white paper, Proving the Return on Investment of Legal Technology, can provide a framework to guide you in identifying important factors that can be used to calculate your ROI by defining your legal department technology goals and identifying which ones you would like to improve.

Read our brief white paper about how proving legal technology ROI can be an influencer and an opportunity to add value to business growth, efficiency, and proactive risk mitigation.

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