Are you in full control of all legal data across your company?

Whether it is sales, procurement, finance, or IT, every department creates, uses, and modifies legal data. Keeping this data synchronized, especially when stored in different applications, can be time-consuming and prone to error.

Legisway integrates with other applications to empower legal departments and gain full control of all legal processes and data of the business.

Legisway Integrations Service helps you gain insight and immediately improve data quality across the company without human interference.

Wolters Kluwer Legisway is an all-in-one workflow and productivity solution for corporate legal departments. It offers an intuitive user interface, API integrations, and a broad set of modules including AI-powered CLM, and robust management of Entities, Litigation, Claims, IP, and Real Estate. Legisway empowers CLDs to easily collaborate with the business, automate repetitive tasks, and stay ahead of risks. As a global provider with 1000+ customers, we prioritize local expertise, languages, and implementation.

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