Webinar Panel Session
Navigating Multiparty Arbitration - with Gaps and Pitfalls Come Opportunities
Date: Wednesday 28 June 2023
Time: 4:00-5:00 PM CET
Please join us for a webinar hosted by Wolters Kluwer, ‘Navigating Multiparty Arbitration - with Gaps and Pitfalls Come Opportunities’.

Multiparty arbitration can be a useful tool to resolve disputes with more than two parties in a cost-effective, consistent and efficient way. However, in addition to its opportunities, multiparty arbitration presents practical challenges - it is a complex process that requires precise legal strategy to avoid and address gaps and pitfalls. Our expert panelists will examine these features from a nuanced perspective. They will look at key tools, such as mechanisms for joinder of additional parties and consolidation of multiple proceedings; as well as multi-contract arbitration and enforcement of awards against non-signatories. During the course of the webinar they will also touch upon the latest innovations in the procedural rules of arbitral institutions which support the resolution of multiparty disputes.
NOTE: all of the Practical Insights topics on multiparty arbitration that are available in Kluwer Arbitration are (or shortly will be) updated.

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Law Offices of Kiran N Gore PLLC, Washington, DC, USA and
General Editor, Practical Insights - Kluwer Arbitration

Expert Panelists:

Managing Partner / Attorney at Law, LL.M., Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd, Geneva
Partner, Hanotiau & van den Berg, Brussels/Singapore and Contributor, Practical Insights - Kluwer Arbitration
Senior Associate, Hanotiau & van den Berg, Brussels and Contributor, Practical Insights - Kluwer Arbitration
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